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Prabhaav believes, for successful training, it is imperative to collect data to analyze various factors that are impacting organizational performance and identify areas of strength along with the scopes for improvement.


In short, conducting SWOT analysis is the best answer. SWOT is a strategic planning technique used to help a person or an organization identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to business competition or project planning.


This assessment is an approach to assess the requirement of the individuals or the organization, which eventually helps in acquiring the right skills to positively impact productivity. We, at Prabhaav, use scientific assessment tools to bridge the gap between the skills required and skill acquired by the contributors of an organization.


We consider it essential to assess the knowledge and leanings of our participants before cosseting into any training that helps to evaluate the requirements of the employees that eventually helps in postulating requirement-based training sessions.


Prabhaav opens every training session with a pre-assessment to evaluate the understanding of the participants, create our content, and structure the delivery to set the goal of the training. It helps to set the "What's In It For Me" aim for participants.


Conducting a post-assessment helps us, the organization, and the participants to ascertain about their achievements as per the goal or aim set by them. It also helps to provide diagnostic feedback on the areas of improvement and set the objective for the future.

Feel free to contact us for conducting pre- or post-assessment for your employees to evaluate the training requirement and schedule the training calendar

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