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Training or Professional Development (as it is known in some professions) is teaching, or developing in oneself or others, any skills and knowledge that is related to a specific useful competency. It has specific goals of improving one's capability and capacity, thereby increasing productivity and performance. A professional training may continue beyond initial competence to maintain, upgrade and update skills throughout your working life. 

We, at Prabhaav, are committed to bridge the gap between the desire to learn and achieving excellence.  

In addition to the basic training required for a job, Continuous learning is a process that is surrounded by one’s attitude to learn and share knowledge, academic curiosity, reading & practicing, creativity, thinking ability and extending one’s knowledge levels. All these are very important for enhancing one’s personality and so motivates Prabhaav’s training and development team.

Our expertise:

For Schools/ Educational Institutions

I. Developmental and Intellectual Workshop for Board Members and principals

For Board members and Principals learning is essential not only for continuous transformation in the school, but also for sustained development of self- competencies and knowledge. According to the Westchester Institute for Human Services Research (2004:3), the learning processes include joint work that entail shared responsibility for tasks such as teaching, curriculum writing, assessment development, as well as creating interdependence and co-operation among educators. Our programs like Strategic Planning, Practical delegation, Managing Talent and many more are designed to enhance the said requirements of the participants.  

II. Faculty empowerment programs for Teaching Staff

The training framework has been designed, focusing on making the transmission of knowledge from the faculty to students, highly effective while utilizing associated tools.

Strengthen and rediscover the ever-evolving understanding of learning and teaching methodologies, appraising new teaching practices, thus enhancing teaching abilities multifold.


III. Interactive training programs for non-teaching staff

These sessions aim to enhance the knowledge, skills like shared leadership and team coordination, and motivate the non-teaching stakeholders of the schools. The learning from the workshops would enhance performance & productivity as they remain self-motivated. It will help in building harmony and empathy between co-workers and up-lift the reputation of the institution.


IV. Value based learning program for students

Nelson Mandela rightly said: “Education is the most powerful weapon through which you can change the world”. referring to both academic and moral value education. At Prabhaav, we acknowledge that every child has the potential to become an architect of an ideal society. Value based education has the power to change the world. We, at Prabhaav, are committed to deliver every training program and learning workshops that help every child to explore their inner belief and develop a sense of commitment and responsibility. 


V. Empowering and enriching programs for parents

When effective parenting positively impacts a child, it builds self-esteem, complements school achievements, and cognitive development. The primary goal of our programs is to provide support and share developmental information in ways that help parents become more capable and competent with changing times and scenarios.  Our specialized programs like POCSO workshop’s aim is to make  parents aware and capable of identifying any signs of abuse and helping them build a bond of trust and confidence with their children. 


College Enhancement Program

While most colleges and other higher educational institutions provide the best possible curriculum to their students there remains a gap between their knowledge and industry requirements.  


We help students to chase their dreams and build a bright career by bridging the gap between industry requirements and education structure through our research-based, customized, and evolving Enhancement programs.  Every workshop is structured to help students walk through the real-life challenges and opportunities that they may face on-campus or off-campus scenarios and prepare them for life beyond the classroom.


Corporate workshops

It has been observed that organisations with employees aligned to the organizational mission, vision, and values remain a few milestones ahead of the others. The employer who keeps updating employee's skills and preparing them for career advancement, as they stay equipped with a better trained, competent, and highly productive workforce generates higher employee satisfaction and retention.  


We have over ten years of experience helping clients achieve success with practical and useful training delivery tailored to your specific objectives. Our training and delivery philosophy focuses on modeling state-of-the-art content design, facilitation, and management of learning that are customized as per the client's specific requirement, work on the organization's real issues and develop action plans to use on the job instantly.

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