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As a part of our mission to bridge the gap between aspiration and competence we are providing psychometric assessment for skills, knowledge, ability, personality, traits, attitude, beliefs and job/academic potential which are important  for us to sketch a profile of our abilities, preferences and other areas of functioning. Often we also discover our hidden and less obvious attributes.

These tests help bridge the gap between our strengths and various available opportunities. Being standardized these tests are developed using rigorous statistical procedures and have adequate norms, reliability and validity.


Psychometric test formats are in 3 broad areas: Aptitude Tests, Behavioural Tests and Assessment Centres.

1. Aptitude Tests: These tests are created with the goal of assessing various cognitive abilities such as numeracy and literacy skills to spatial awareness and more.

   1.1  Prabhaav’s Know Yourself Test (PKYT)

   1.2  Prabhaav’s Financial Literacy Test (PFL)

2. Behavioural Tests: These tests are intended to highlight specific personality traits that could indicate suitability for specific roles. These are in the form of personality questionnaires, leadership tests, motivation tests and situational judgement tests.

   2.1  Prabhaav’s Assessment Of Lifeskills (PALS)

3. Assessment Centres: Assessment centres are based on human interaction assessments. Various exercises utilise job-specific skills and simulations and are usually carried out by assessors/psychologists.

   3.1 Prabhaav’s Skill Gap Analysis Test (PSGAT)

   3.2 Prabhaav’s Career Planning Assessment (PCPA)

Salient features of our tests:

● Beyond the challenge of correctly understanding and answering the test questions, another important hurdle is overcoming the time constraint.

●  Both aptitude tests and assessment tests have time frames which allow candidates to be assessed on how well they cope with time pressure.


Advantages of taking tests:

An assisting tool for the employer:

●   Companies use psychometric testing for two major reasons:

   ❖  To improve and reduce HR and recruitment costs

   ❖  To ensure certain qualities of candidates on board.

●   Employee possesses the amount of skill and cognitive ability to perform the duties of a job/role.


An assisting tool for the students:

●   Tests skills considered imperative for a healthy functioning.

●   Tests psycho-social and interpersonal skills.

●  Helps students : Make Informed Decision, Communicate Effectively, Helps them to cope with Emotions and Self-management

●   Tests evaluate the talent/ability/potential to perform a defined task, with no prior knowledge or training.

●  Tests Various abilities required in specific professions. The various abilities tested are: Verbal Ability, Spatial Ability, Abstract Reasoning, Mechanical Ability, Perceptual Speed & Accuracy, Numerical Ability, Verbal Reasoning.

●   Helps to identify strengths of students and the areas for improvement.

●   Empowers teachers to classify the abilities in the students to enhance their areas for development.

●   Assessment for understanding one’s career passion and direction.

●   Assessment helps shed light on career/Job ailments.


An assisting tool for adults:

●   Tests psycho-social & interpersonal skills.

●   Tests aptitude & characteristics required for a given job role.

●   This test is to measure the difference between the current job skills and the required skills of an individual for a given job role.


Prabhaav assists the individuals to enhance skills by providing one to one interaction with the specialists, wherever and whenever it is required.


Remember, if you wish to stand out among the crowd, know your capabilities, strengths & weaknesses, take these psychometric tests and be confident.

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