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"We often boast about India's demographic dividend. But the question that arises is what we do with this if we cannot skill them, if we cannot educate them and cannot enhance their employability." asked Late President Pranab Mukherjee.


"Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world"- said Nelson Mandela.


As we move ahead in this world of uncertainties, we need to have adequate skills to deal with the upcoming challenges.


Prabhaav Learnings equips you in multiple ways to face these challenges. Our mission is to bridge the gap between aspiration and competence. 


Prabhaav Learnings Private Limited(PLPL) is a Delhi based training organization with PAN India experience. We provide high-end training for Competency Development, Life Skill Development, Learning Engagements and Value Education for the Schools, Educational Institutions, Organizations and Individuals. We are equipped to understand your state of mind, creating and providing a platform for the required skill development.


PLPL understands the need to train the young with Higher Visions in business and industry with relevant skills. We run programs in Leadership and Soft Skills for the professionals in the corporate sector. Our focus is on awakening the leadership potential that is inherent in each one of us.

The purpose of PRABHAAV is to develop a sound mind by teaching virtues of oneness, decency in public life, good manners. Our approach to Education doesn't exclude anyone - Our programmes and materials are on Ethical Values- Values that are non-political, religious or culturally based.


To guide the young minds to be aware of their inner strengths and capabilities, with the help of human values, in order to become responsible citizens of the world.


To train and guide the budding leaders and the decision makers to be enriched in Higher Values and Leadership skills for better personal and professional success.

We have trained 1,25,000+ students from CBSE and State board schools along with students from IIT-Delhi, NorthCap University-Gurugram, IIMC-DelhiJCD-Sirsa, YIET, CDLU Sirsa, IFIM-Bengaluru, etc. in Soft Skills and Leadership Skills and trained 18,000+  teachers, PAN India.

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